What Disney character are you based on your social media use?

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What Disney character are you based on your social media use?

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Can We guess which Disney Character (1)The selfie queen? The lurker? Find out what Disney character best represents your online presence!

Which option best describes you on Snapchat?

A) I probably spend too much time watching and re-watching my own 200 second story
B) I like watching everyone’s stories to see what they’re doing
C) I snap my weekend extracurricular shenanigans to all my friends. People see lots of filtered carwashes and food drives from me
D) Sending ugly-face snaps to all of my contacts
E) I post videos of the events I’m at to the Live Stories feed. It’s so fun when you actually get on it!

You’re on Twitter – what are you doing? 

A) Uploading pictures for my 13.5k followers to see
B) Just retweeting/favoriting everything I like or think is funny
C) Ranting about an issue I’m passionate about. Or stanning my problematic faves
D) Quote retweeting people’s tweets with affirming, positive messages
E) Ruining people’s timelines by religiously live-tweeting the big game or the premier of my favorite show

Describe your Instagram aesthetic

A)Looks, selfies, and my artistic brunches
B) I have 3 pictures and the last time I updated was like….a month ago?
C) My favorite memories, my travels, and my septum piercing.
D) Smiles, warmth, inspiring quotes, and good times
E) Pictures of me, my friends, my family, and places I’d like to go someday

Which of the following best describes who you would most likely follow on social media?

A) The Kardashians/Jenners
B) The cute junior in my philo class
C) Bernie Sanders
D) Lil B the Based God
E) @FreeFoodND

What’s your favorite hashtag?

A) #selfie
B) #Likes4Likes
C) #BlackLivesMatter
D) #Blessed
E) #Photobomb

Which Disney song best describes your social media pages?

A) Gaston
B) Out There
C) I’ll Make a Man Out of You
D) You Got a Friend In Me
E) A Whole New World

You often catch yourself saying ____ in real life

A) “On fleek”
B) “Awk”
C) “THIS.”
E) “Yolo”


Mostly A’s

You’re The Queen!

“Mirror, mirror on the wall…Who’s the fleekiest of them all?”

The Selfie Queen

You are the honorary selfie queen (or king). You’re stylish, photogenic, you do a mean beatface, and you’re not afraid to show it. You mostly use the Internet to share your life with your friends and followers in high resolution and good lighting, and you take pride in the enthusiastic responses you get. Your attractive profiles are fun to follow and your confidence is admirable! At the end of the day, you’re the fairest in your book.

Mostly B’s

You’re The Beast!

The Beast

While you may not be big, hairy, or scary (or borderline abusive), you are like the Beast – or at least his magic mirror. Instead of a using social media to connect with others in real life, you’re using it to just keep an eye on whatever is going on around you. You’re not fully comfortable with how social media works, you’re wary of negative consequences, or you could also just not feel like engaging in the general riff raff and hoopla that ensues on the Internet. And that’s totally fine. Sometimes it’s much more fun to watch than to participate.

Mostly C’s

You’re Esmeralda


Like Esmeralda, you’re a social justice warrior. You’re passionate, incredibly opinionated, informed, and everyone on Twitter knows it. You appreciate the way that social media can connect people with friends and loved ones, but you love using it to spread your knowledge and learn about the social issues that you care about most. You have a hard time avoiding Internet debates, but you feel it’s your duty to contribute to the topics that rock the world the hardest because– well –that’s just the price of being woke.

Mostly D’s

You’re Olaf!


As the warm hug of the Internet, your posts exude happiness and positivity. Your Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are littered with a variety of feel-good posts like conversing twin babies, kittens canoodling with puppies, and just about every Humans of New York picture. You often use social media to share positive, encouraging messages to put yourself in a good mood, but you also want to motivate others to look at the brighter side of life. Although you could probably reel in the mushy stuff a bit, we- and the rest of the world- ask that you not stop what you do. Don’t let the dark side of the Internet chase you away.

Mostly E’s

You’re Peter Pan!

Peter Pan

Like Peter Pan, you’re adventurous, in the know and excited about the world around you. Not only are you tweeting every moment of the football game, but you’re also letting people know exactly where the after game party will be. You’re connected with people in all the major sects of your community, and you’ve got little birds in just about every clique telling you about the next big thing. On (and off) the Internet, you’re a charismatic leader, able to convince people to go places they’ve never been and do things they’ve never done. Basically, you were already living the YOLO lifestyle before it was even a thing.

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